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Salt in Winter Weather

During winter weather, salt provides safer surfaces for pedestrians and vehicles. From cleaning off sidewalks to clearing interstates, salt makes it possible for people and traffic to move safely.

Clear roads also keep businesses running. Studies commissioned by the Salt Institute have found that treacherous roads have a negative impact on the economy. Communities lose wages, retail sales and tax revenues when roads are closed or people don’t feel safe traveling.

Before salt was used to clear roads, snow and ice on the highways endangered lives and slowed or stopped traffic. Now, salt is used to not only remove snow and ice, but it is also applied in advance of a storm to help prevent ice from developing on paved surfaces. It’s an economical way to keep roads open.

Salt melts ice down to a pavement temperature of minus 6 degrees Fahrenheit. When treated or blended with performance enhancers like calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, salt can melt ice in even more extreme temperatures.

Visit the Salt Institute for more information.