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Making roadways safe to keep traffic and commerce flowing.

Our extensive distribution network, coupled with our world-class customer service team, will help you provide safer driving surfaces in winter weather.

Compass Minerals is North America's leader for the production, sales and distribution of highway deicing products. Partnering with Compass Minerals will ensure you have a successful snow removal program.

Our rock salt mines are located underground, as deep as 1,800 feet below the surface. We extract salt from each mine in rectangular "room" sections, leaving behind vast “pillars” of salt to support the mine structure.

Solar evaporation is the oldest and most energy-efficient method of mineral production. At the Great Salt Lake in Utah, we draw highly saline waters from the lake's most remote areas into very shallow solar evaporation ponds. The sun naturally evaporates the water in these ponds over a three-year span, leaving beds of naturally occurring crystallized minerals.