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For an effective deicing solution that doesn’t sacrifice performance look to QwikSalt® – fast-acting, long-lasting and free of impurities. QwikSalt® is the budget-smart choice for your winter roads. For years, salt has been the most cost effective option to keep roads clear during harsh winter conditions. QwikSalt is the top choice for many reasons.

Over 99 percent pure sodium chloride

Mixed with magnesium chloride to enhance performance and storage

Blended with an anti-caking agent for optimal flowability

QwikSalt stays on the road, reducing bounce and scatter

Produced responsibly, using a solar evaporation process from the Great Salt Lake in Utah

Pure and Natural

Water from the Great Salt Lake is drawn into shallow evaporation ponds for a three year evaporation process. During this time the sun evaporates water leaving behind naturally occurring minerals. These minerals are harvested and processed for a variety of applications. QwikSalt is one of these products.

Colorado State University Study

Scientists at CSU found that white salt outperformed red salt in a melting effectiveness. Download the study today.


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